Samsung galaxy black screen heat gun reflow fix

You will have to replace the complete front screen including the glass, This has fixed my black screen problem. not sure if this will work for.
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I'll try the method you described. After all, the laptop can't function less than it does now. I assume that I need to remove all of the heatsinks, processor, RAM, ect? Should I watch it, or is there anyway to know if it's done? Should I put it in the oven cold and preheat up to F, or should I just stick it in at F? They're only reflowing the GPU and have used a heatgun. The part that I thought was worth noting is that they only went up to C or F, and that they recommend slowly heating and cooling it.

You should remove the heatsinks, processor, memory, add on cards, cabling, insulation, everything from the board. I've never seen anyone stick the board in the oven in cold - every guide and thread I read they've all preheated to F. It didn't melt any of the components, again, just bloated some capacitors.

Weigh in buying a heatgun. If you think it's worth it, get one, do your GPU only, see if it works, and if not, you can always resort to sticking her in the oven. The beautiful thing about broken parts is just that. They're broken. No harm done if in attempting to fix it you fail. About cooling - most people take the board right out of the oven and set it on the counter to cool, but I wouldn't.

Like the IBM guide says, solder is pretty fragile when liquefied, and moving it about isn't a good idea. I just open the oven door a bit and let it sit for a while. The reflow was a success. The laptop is now working perfectly. I broke one hinge and some plastic, so I can't get it completely reassembled. But at least it works and I can find some use for it. Thank you so much.


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This makes me want to look through some old video cards I have. I'm curious - which method did you try? I put the motherboard on balls of foil and put it in the oven for 8 minutes at F. I'm amazed that it actually worked. I half expected the whole board to melt. Excellent - I'm glad to hear it worked out. It seems so weird to put it in at such a high temp, but apparently it works, so I'm not arguing.

Let's hope it stays that way. Jan 14, 5 0 18, 0. Hi guys! I have a HP Pavillion DV, like many of these series of lappies I have the black screen problem one long beep on start up and two short beeps, telling me I have a video card problem. So I had a look about and seen the heat gun method of re-flowing the GPU, but thought it looked a little sloppy, unless you have a thermometer etc. The oven method however looks interesting and more controlled!

What is a reflow? (Laptop Repair)

Thing is, and I'm a computer noob in a way I have the lappy stripped right down, the motherboard is bare of all wires, comeponents etc basically anything that could come off is off Anyway, what about all those connection points, the docks for the RAM etc, they look like plastic, or a material that'd melt when put in high temps?! Should I be concerned about this, or will it be fine?

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Do I have to cover anything before a pip it in the oven, and, more importantly, will it stink out the oven?! Many thanks for any help guys!! There was some black plastic that started to peel up, but it was unnecessary. I didn't see any bulging capacitors. My kitchen smelled like solder, so I guess it was hot enough. Pete: My motherboard with all of the RAM slots ect survived the oven. I think the most difficult part of the process was reassembling the laptop. The oven and kitchen smelled like solder bad , but it went away pretty fast.

I can't guarantee that the oven will work for you, since I'm amazed it worked for me. But as frozenlead said, you can't do any harm to it. Thanks for the quick reply dougx!


I'm going to give the oven method a go, as you say, I have nothing to lose really. However, I'm a little concerned after doing further reading that reflowing isnt a long term solution and may only last a couple of months! Bloody HP's, last time I'll be buying from them! Jan 2, 1 0 18, 0. My laptop motherboard had stuff on both sides, so there was really no distinction for me. I left it in the oven for 8 minutes, then I opened the door to let it cool slowly.

Put it in last night c f for 8mins, have to get a new thermal pad for the processor now and hopefully get her back together and se if she works by this evening. Good news!! Reassembled laptop had a couple of screws left over anyway, nervously flipped her over, inserted power cable, hit power button, and Bad news!!

The speakers seem to be making this constant loud cracking sound, even if I plug in headphones, put the sound on mute it still makes it. Also, "GPU Reflow". Similar threads Question hz rtx vs hz rtx Question Laptop's screen turns off Regarding laptop issue Question Laptop has black static, some times it starts, other times it shows black static kind of Question Laptop not powering up after SSD install Question My computer can't run basic recording software Question Laptop screen has a horizontal band of fading covering top quarter of screen.

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Question My laptop has a black screen and makes a weird noise. Question Laptop motherboard schematics Question laptop upgrade Question Unknown laptop problem please help!! Will changing the thermal paste help with the GPU chip failure? Post thread. Started by muneebch 36 minutes ago Replies: 0. Laptop Tech Support.

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Top Bottom. Question hz rtx vs hz rtx Question Laptop's screen turns off. Today at PM. Regarding laptop issue. Today at AM. Question Laptop has black static, some times it starts, other times it shows black static kind of. Yesterday at AM. Question Laptop not powering up after SSD install. Question My computer can't run basic recording software. The charging port, SD card slot, simcard slot, headphone jack, screen… ALL of those components can be replaced individually, which is good for us as consumers, because repair prices are usually way cheaper than insurance deductibles.

My biggest issue though, is that the two parts that are MOST broken on the phone, the screen and charging port are the hardest to replace! Come on Samsung….

I made an 8 minute video of my tear-down, and you can watch it here if you so desire:. Ill be referencing the video every now and then throughout this post. First off… to get the back frame off the phone, you need a heat gun. Which is a little annoying… but hey, if it helps make the phone a tad more water resistant…than fine, I can live with that.

Heating it up with a blow dryer or heat gun will help considerably during the back frame removal. Now… once the 16 screws, and back frame are off, you can replace multiple things without going farther:. These circles rest up against the motherboard pins to allow signal transfer.

I am happy that they decided to go back to a replaceable unit for the Note 4, as the SD card slot does fail regularly a few years down the road on these devices. The Note 4 is no exception.